Complete Bathroom Design

With over 25 years of experience in this department. Our free design plan which involves measuring and defining the dimensions with which we have to work with. In doing so we can plan how best to make the maximum use of space and gives a good basis for choosing the units which make up your bathroom suite. Bathroom styles, layouts, colour schemes, bathroom accessories, greater freedom on where you decide to have your bath, sinks, lighting and fittings all come into the picture at this stage. Once all options are considered and a solution agreed upon, then we source the supplies and fully fit your new bathroom makeover.

Plumbing & Electrical

In many cases a customer’s chosen makeover can be made without any changes to the plumbing and/or electrical outlets. In others, their new choice of layout requires a re-work of such supplies. We have the expertise in re-configuring all these in line with your final choice of refurbishment. So, you have greater freedom on where you decide to have your bath, sinks, electric showers, lighting and other bathroom accessories.

Wall & Floor Tiling

It really does set a bathroom off. From plain to patterned or even mosaic, neat and tidy tiling is just as important as everything we have said so far. Making sure all surfaces are level and flat avoids ugly reflections and tile breakage, neat grouting (the spacing between tiles) makes for a high-quality finish to your renovation. We will discuss and co-ordinate a choice of tiles/patterns and advise on ‘best-fit’ with your bathroom suite.

Wallpapering, Painting & Bathroom Accessories

And other bells and whistles. If you decide not to go with tiling, we can advise on the best bathroom-proof materials to use and, quite simply, take great care in using them. We can also guide you on bathroom accessories to give the finishing touch to all bathroom makeovers.